EXCLUSIVE: "Do you even care?" — Mounties STILL letting migrants enter Canada illegally, despite coronavirus

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Illegals migrants are rapidly flowing into Canada, especially at the notorious Roxham Road boarder crossing.

While Justin Trudeau (who is now self-quarantined, his wife having tested positive) fails to properly secure regular ports of entry to the country while the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, illegal points of entry are even more of a threat to the health and safety of Canadians than ever before.

According to an American I spoke to, who lives near the border:

The issue at Roxham road is a debacle. Refugees fly into Plattsburgh and take a taxi to Roxham Road. It’s just a big open secret that they’ll be welcomed in with open arms.

And it is true, although I was detained in my car by police for half an hour, simply for investigating the situation, I was able to obtain exclusive footage inside the RCMP operation, and was yelled at by an illegal migrant trafficker across the border, from New York State.

It is surreal what is happening at Roxham Road.

The police were more concerned about an Albertan (me) being in the area than they were about illegal migrants, with no documented travel history, coming in to this country from a state that already has hundreds of cases of the Wuhan Virus.

They refused to answer my questions and told me to stop questioning migrants.

And of course, all of them will get free health and even dental care upon arrival.

I tried offering them free travel-sized bottles of hand sanitizer, but there were no takers.

During the worst pandemic we have dealt with this century, our government needs to do better.

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  • By David Menzies

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