Exclusive! Former Fergus Highlander rugby player denounces Ash Davis — the biological man pretending to be a part-time lesbian

From the get-go, Mallory was uncomfortable with a biological male playing on the team, especially one who was awarded 'hardest hitter' by the men’s club last year.

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Finally, someone in the Ontario rugby community has the guts to stand up to that fake lesbian/real-life misogynist Ash Davis. Meet Mallory Petrie. Earlier this year, Mallory was a member of the now infamous Fergus Highlanders women’s rugby team. Infamous because this small town Ontario club actually has a dude on the roster who “identifies” (well, at least sometimes) as a female.

This allows Ash Davis to intimidate, injure, and grope real women on the field. And this egregious state of affairs is not being denounced but rather celebrated by the social justice weirdos who comprise the Ontario rugby community.

From the get-go, Mallory was uncomfortable with a biological male playing on the team, especially one who was awarded “hardest hitter” by the men’s club last year. It was a matter of safety, sportsmanship and common sense for Mallory. 

Indeed, for Mallory, the very presence of Ash on the field and in the dressing room was perverse. As well, there is a toxic culture when it comes to Fergus rugby — one must go along with this transgender agenda in the name of “diversity” or else be labelled a transphobe or a bigot or a hater.

It’s astonishing; the real hater after all, is Ash Davis. How else to explain why he takes apparent glee in harming real women? And as Mallory notes, the inclusion of this nutbar on the women’s team goes against the rules of World Rugby, the sport’s international governing body.

So, the question arises: why is Ash Davis being accommodated and tolerated in the first place? Alas, when it became apparent that Ash would continue to play the full season on the team, Mallory decided to hang up her cleats.

Check out what Mallory has to say about the wokeness and the weirdness that is inherent to Fergus rugby as this club continues to exist as an international laughing stock.

Of note: we applaud Mallory Petrie for courageously speaking out against this ongoing disgrace — especially given that Rugby Ontario, Rugby Canada, and the Ontario Ministry of Sport are all looking the other way. Mallory is a lioness amongst cowards beholden to political correctness. And say, we must ask again: where oh where are the feminists — or are they on Team Trans as well?

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  • By Ezra Levant


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