EXCLUSIVE: Mom of trans teen wins temporary injunction to stop double mastectomy

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A Vancouver supreme court judge has ordered a surgeon named Dr. Daniel McKee to not proceed with performing a double mastectomy on a trans-identified teenager.

But it doesn't stop there! 

The mother (A.M.), is also suing her child’s (S.B.) general practitioner, Dr. Andrea Szewchuk, for allegedly prescribing the teenager testosterone, “without seeking her guardianship permission.”

A.M. believes that the controversial sexual orientation and gender identity curriculum, known as SOGI 123, played a key role in why her child has taken on a new identity.

A.M. is being defended by lawyer Carey Linde, the same lawyer that is representing a father now facing the possibility of serving prison time for speaking out, a case known as C.D. v. A.D.

In the case of A.M. v. Andrea Szewchuk and Daniel McKee, B.C. Supreme Court Judge Madam Justice Shelley C. Fitzpatrick granted a “Without Notice Injunction.”

That prevented the surgeon from proceeding with the surgery on the 17 year old, and the general practitioner from providing S.B. with further counsel regarding the mastectomy until November 27. 

On November 13, lawyers representing Doctors Szewchuk and McKee will seek an order to hide their names from the public, in regards to the case.

I spoke with Carey Linde, and the mother of S.B. regarding this case.

Here at Rebel News we bring you the other side of the story and that includes the discussion about parents rights when their child have been trans-identified, as well as those hard conversations about and whether parents need to take a closer look into a relatively new school curriculum called SOGI 123. 

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