EXCLUSIVE: Minister of Transport approved Chinese fighter pilot training in Canadian airspace

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The scandal was first mentioned as a throw away line in a CBC News story from 2020 on the increased fighter jet air traffic over London, Ontario:

Have you noticed fighter jets flying over London? Here's why: Right now the Malaysian air force is training in the skies over the Forest City

But in typical CBC fashion, the real story is buried way down in the article.

A private company called ITPS Canada is training foreign fighter pilots on “aircraft to aircraft combat, aircraft to ground combat and aerobatics”, according to the statement given by Giorgio Clementi the owner of the company.

The pilots are here for a year to learn everything about 20 different aircraft from single engine propeller planes to large jets. Clients have included the Italian, Turkish, Malaysian, and Chinese Air forces.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is using Canadian airspace to hone their skills to kill Canadian allies.

Exclusive documents obtained by Rebel News through an Access to Information request detail that Transport Minister Marc Garneau was specifically informed of each time a Chinese pilot was training at the private training facility:

In the case of flight training conducted under sub-paragraph 2.b, the flight instructor shall notify the Minister in writing of the name in person receiving the training, the registration of the aircraft to be used, the type of training to be conducted, the location of the training operations, the name and license number of the flight instructor. The information must be provided to the Minister prior to commencing training operations, within 10 working days of any change to the information, and when the training is discontinued.

Garneau was in the loop every step of the way.

These operations are being conducted in public airspace that is located in a populated area north of London, Ontario. The primary clientele for these flight operations are foreign pilots / militaries that contract ITPS (Canada) to supplement their programs.

ITPS is a recognized international center of excellence, providing training as well as consulting services to entities in China, Turkey, Italy, Germany and Thailand.

The documents also list the specific training activities taking place over the skies near London and Toronto, including air-to-air fighter jet combat and air-to-ground attack and low-level flying.

There were also concerns with the skill levels of the foreign pilots:

Along with the aircraft not being properly registered, there were a number of training pilots who did not have the appropriate Pilot Competency Checks

Next time you look up at the sky and see a fighter jet, it might not be cause for a sense of patriotism and pride in our military.

It could be the PLA.

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It's expensive and time consuming. But so important.

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