Exclusive: Pastor Artur on his 51 days behind bars

We joined Pastor Artur Pawlowski at his home immediately following his release on strict bail conditions after 51 days of incarceration for an extensive and intimate conversation about his time behind bars.

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Since Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s first dramatic swat-style arrest, we have endeavored to provide you with unparalleled coverage of his story. Frequently, that meant going directly to Artur to get the story straight when countless other media outlets relayed second-hand and often inaccurate details. Our coverage of his story at SaveArtur.com has garnered international attention.

Over the last 51 days however, with Artur incarcerated on charges arising from his Pastoral visit to the Coutts blockade and his insistence on feeding the homeless, opening his charge and attending protests throughout the height of COVID-19 restrictions, we have had very few opportunities to speak to the man himself.

I was very fortunate to receive a phone call from Artur from the Calgary Remand Centre, which you can listen to here, but we relied almost entirely on the Pawlowski family, particularly Marzena, Artur’s wife, and Nathaniel, his son, for updates on Artur’s condition. We also had frequent opportunities to speak with Sarah Miller, Artur’s legal counsel, to garner legal updates and keep apprised of court proceedings as they unfolded. Without their willingness to share in the challenging and tiresome times, we simply would not have been able to do justice to Artur’s story.

Now, nearly two months after Artur was first locked up at the Calgary Remand Centre, with Artur released on strict bail conditions, I was able to sit down with him at his home and get a firsthand account of what he has been through. His experiences, from horrid conditions, draining isolation and constant fear of assault to friendships forged with inmates, prison ministry and bible studies span a range of emotions one cannot fully appreciate without having lived it.

Artur shared intimate and emotional details about the hardships, corruption and personal struggle he endured all for daring to stand up for himself, for his rights and for his fellow Canadians in this exclusive and extended interview that is an absolute must watch.

If you want to help pay for Pastor Artur’s legal fees, you can make a tax receipt eligible donation to The Democracy Fund at SaveArtur.com. Your contribution will keep Sarah Miller and her team at JSS Barristers working tirelessly for justice for Pastor Artur.

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