EXCLUSIVE: Liberals prepped talking points to defend participation in 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan

If the Canadian government had withdrawn the 170 person delegation from the games, it could have prevented the early introduction of coronavirus to Canada.

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The 2019 World Military Games have been described as the world's first superspreader event. The media lines and talking points prepared by the Department of National Defence were designed to address the anticipated objections the public may have had to Canada sending athletes to the games after the Chinese government took two Canadians hostage in response to the arrest of a Huawei exec on an American warrant in Vancouver.

A briefing note obtained through access to information filings alludes to political fall-out for the Liberals given the timing of the games and the 2019 election:

“Canadian Armed Forces athletes will be competing at the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan City, China, from 18-27 October 2019. Given the relationship between Canada and China, their participation may be questioned. The Games also begin four days prior to the federal election.”

A question and answer document in the same release notes not going was never an option:

Why are Canadian Armed Forces athletes are participating in China, despite the relationship between Canada and China? Any chance Canadian participation will be cancelled?

The spirit of the World Military Games is to create a space for friendly competition that transcends politics. In this context, there is no consideration being given to cancelling Canada's participation in the event.

If the Canadian government had withdrawn the 170 person delegation from the games, it could have prevented the early introduction of coronavirus to Canada.

A previous Rebel News exclusive whistleblower report revealed that several dozen Canadian military athletes came home from the World Military Games in Wuhan China, held October 2019, with severe pneumonia-like symptoms. The mystery illness was so bad a third of the delegation had to be quarantined in the back of their transport plane home.

According to an August 2021 American House Foreign Affairs Committee report on the origins of the pandemic, at least four other counties did something the Canadian government refused to do after the outbreak of the new coronavirus was announced in Wuhan China in early 2020. The countries tested their athletes who came home sick from the MWG for COVID-19 antibodies, proving the COVID-19 pandemic started much sooner than the Chinese government wanted the world to know.

The whistleblower gave Rebel News documents to prove their story and this prompted the RCMP to door-knock the journalist who broke the story, Keean Bexte.

The latest document release pins the final cost for the Wuhan Warrior Games at $610,000.

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