Extinction Rebellion's latest target is the electric scooter: “The toy of green capitalists”

Environmentalist saboteurs are damaging electric scooters to fight climate change.

Yahoo News had the story:

The radical environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion claimed the sabotage of 3,600 electric scooters in Paris and other French cities, saying the green image of the fashionable gadgets hid an “ecologically catastrophic” reality.

Extinction Rebellion admitted on their French language Facebook page to damaging the QR codes on the scooters that allow users to unlock them with an app.

Why the all vandalism? The electric scooters just aren't green enough for these eco-radicals and the availability of the scooters provides an unacceptable alternative to the only mode of  transportation Extinction Rebellion approves of; two feet and a heartbeat.

The group also called the e-scooters “strike breakers.”

Translation: The scooters are helping people avoid the chaos, turmoil, and traffic snarls in the streets of Paris as President Macron clashes with 80,000 union workers in the middle of general strike against attempts to reform public sector pensions.

Extinction Rebellion will bring their radical roadshow to the UN climate change conference in Madrid, Spain, and Keean Bexte and I will be there to tell the other side of the story. You can't count on the CBC to do it.

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