Ezra Levant: 'I just don't like the fact that the government obviously will be spinning against any criticism'

On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, lawyer Eva Chipiuk spoke to Ezra about a thread she wrote on Twitter, and what we can expect from the commission's upcoming report.

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Last night on the Ezra Levant Show, Eva Chipiuk joined for an interview. You might remember Chipiuk as one of the team of lawyers who represented the side of the Freedom Convoy last during what we called the Trucker Commission, officially known as the Public Order Emergency Commission. She spoke to Ezra about a thread she wrote on Twitter, and what we can expect from the commission's upcoming report.

"I saw Eva tweeting about the imminent release of the Judicial Commission's report, and I wanted to bring her on the show to hear her eloquent on that at greater length," said Ezra.

"When do we expect the judicial commission to issue its report? Do we is that date set in stone?" Ezra asked Eva.

Eva responded with:

It is. And that's one of the concerns I raised on Twitter and via social media is that the commission is going to publicly release the decision on February 20th. That goes directly to parliament and the public. So a one year anniversary of the day, the Emergencies Act was revoked.

So it's statutorily required that within a year a report is presented to Parliament and presented to the public. Where the concern has been raised is in order to set up the commission, parliament cabinet issued an order in council and it made certain specifications.

And one of the specifications that we noted is that the Commissioner was directed by Cabinet to issue a report no later than February six, and that goes to Cabinet only. So two weeks in advance of Parliament and the public getting the report, Cabinet is getting it.

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