Ezra Levant: 'None of these people are practicing what they preach either. Every single one of them got here using fossil fuels'

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra and Rebel Reporter Avi Yemini explored the streets of Switzerland, discussing environmental activists, local companies, and the Switzerland police.

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Last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra was filming from the chilly Swiss Alps and he was joined with guest and fellow Rebel News' reporter, Avi Yemini.

"I'm here with an ace team to expose what really goes on in Davos, where the world's powerbrokers come together to set the agenda for humanity's own good, whether we like it or not," said Ezra.

Ezra walked the streets in Davos, pointing and telling Avi that "there's a handful of groups of environmental activists over there. And over there is the office of BlackRock, one of the largest investment funds in the world. What, ten or $20 trillion in assets under management? They are just as extreme in their environmental and climate action as these folks here."

"I don't know who they're protesting because the World Economic Forum is these same guys just with a little more money," Ezra added.

Avi responded:

What is funny, when I did speak to them, their problem is that they said that WEF is like his wedding was 'wolf in sheep's clothing,' that they basically say the things that they agree you should eat bugs, but they don't practice what they preach.

"But none of these people are practicing what they preach either," Ezra pointed out. "Every single one of them got here using fossil fuels. Every single one of them is wearing some sort of polymer or plastic coat, like it's bloody cold out and it's getting colder this week."

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Rebel News has sent the fearless Ezra Levant, Australia Bureau Chief Avi Yemini, and UK Reporter Callum Smiles to Davos, Switzerland to cover the World Economic Forum's 2023 Annual Meeting. Please donate here to support our 100% independent journalism and offset the cost of our economy-class airfare, our shared Airbnb outside the city, car rental, meals and lots of coffee!

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