Ezra Levant reacts to 2019 Chinese propaganda film: Wuhan scientist collects wild bats for virus research

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Ezra Levant reacts live on stream to a short Chinese propaganda film entitled Youth in the Wild: Invisible Defender, which is about a Chinese scientist named Tian Junhua.

Mr. Tian is a virus researcher at the Wuhan Municipal Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and this video shows him catching and collecting samples from wild bat populations

This video was released by China Science Communication in December 2019, just as doctors in Wuhan began to raise the international alarm about the dangers of the Chinese coronavirus, which is believed to have jumped to humans from bats. The Wuhan Wet Market, only a few miles away from the Wuhan Disease Centre where Mr Tian works, was an early target for taking the blame for spreading the virus.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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