Ezra Levant: Shocking new film 'How to Blow Up a Pipeline' promotes eco-terrorism

The controversial new film revolves around a 'daring' group of young 'environmental activists' who make plans to blow up an oil pipeline in West Texas.

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A newly-released film called "How to Blow Up a Pipeline" has sparked controversy due its positive portrayal of 'environmental activists' who are attempting to blow up an oil pipeline.

Ezra Levant discussed the ramifications of the film on last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show.

As stated by Levant, "Here's a thought experiment: How would you feel about a movie playing in theatres in Canada called, 'How to Blow Up an Abortion Clinic'? Or what about, 'How to Blow Up a Church,' which by the way just happened a few weeks ago in Nashville, Tennessee. What about a movie called, 'How to Blow Up a Mosque'?"

"I'm guessing you're not too comfortable with any of those even if you are a free speech absolutist. But right now in theatres across Canada there really is a movie called, 'How to Blow Up a Pipeline.' You can see it's being marketed to teenagers, there's ads for it everywhere on TikTok in particular, it's rated 14A," added Levant.

Levant went on to say, "It could not be clearer. It is pro terrorism. They actually say that word in the movie."

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