Are you comfortable with Joe Biden’s political rivals being arrested?

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Did you see this video?

You probably recognize him — that’s Steve Bannon. He’s a conservative thinker and entrepreneur and political strategist. He ran the Breitbart website for a while; then he was brought in, late in the 2016 presidential election campaign, to turn Donald Trump’s fortunes around — Trump sacked his campaign boss and put in Bannon, and it seemed to work.

Bannon worked for a bit at the White House after the election, but for whatever reason it didn’t work out — I’m guessing his temperament is more as a warrior than a manager.

There are a lot of examples of people like Bannon on the left — usually they run think tanks; or have popular podcasts; or they are often embedded right into mainstream media as thinker and pundits.

Anyways, after Trump lost the election in 2020, the left had a vengeance that was palpable. No healing the country, no pulling together. Blamestorming and comeuppance.

And one of the things they focused on was the January 6th protest at the Capitol Building in the United States, where a number of people broke into the building itself and trespassed, and there was some vandalism.

Only one person was killed that day: an unarmed protester named Ashley Babbitt, actually a military veteran. The cop guard who killed her has never been charged.

The whole January 6th narrative failed, despite major media backing. But one of the things the Democrats did is they summoned Steve Bannon to testify about his “role”. As if a political activist and pundit is a criminal mastermind — of the great meandering. I say, start with that FBI agent. His name is Ray Epps by the way, if that helps.

So anyways, the FBI actually arrested Steve Bannon. They arrested him. Here he is turning himself into police. This really happened in America. Not Trump’s America. In fact, I can’t think of a single political or media personality who was arrested during Trump’s tenure as president, can you?

Arresting Trump’s aide, former Breitbart boss? So Trump was called an enemy of the free press because of his mean tweets. But Biden arrests a political rival — and it’s fine? The media cheers?

GUESTCpl. Daniel Bulford, a sniper on the Prime Minister's personal security detail concerned about the COVID vaccine mandate.

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