Ezra Levant visits “Coutts Four” defendant in prison, sets up crowdfunding campaign on the eve of trial

Rebel News has set up a crowdfunding campaign to assist Chris. All proceeds will go to cover Chris’s legal bills, and any surplus will go to other similar litigation funded by The Democracy Fund.

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I recently visited Chris Carbert in the Lethbridge Correctional Centre. He’s one of the four men who were charged at the Coutts border blockade two years ago. Along with three other men dubbed the “Coutts Four”, Chris was charged with conspiracy to commit murder against a police officer.

I visited Chris because two of the Coutts Four were recently let out of prison with a relatively minor plea bargain, especially considering how shocking the police accusations were at the time. After two years, prosecutors threw in the towel in return for convictions that would normally not even yield a jail sentence.

After visiting with Chris and his family, I’m convinced that police trumped up the case against the Coutts Four, likely to provide Trudeau with a political narrative to justify invoking the Emergencies Act. (We now know that Trudeau’s use of that law was illegal and unconstitutional.)

When RCMP had their press conference announcing the charges back in 2022 it, the accusations were so shocking that the rest of the truckers at Coutts packed it in. People didn’t want to be associated with the threat of violent crime. One of the important characteristics of the trucker protests across Canada was how peaceful it all was — bouncy castles and hot tubs, with a little horn honking. There was no hate — it was patriots from all walks of life in joyful protest. That’s why Canadians loved it.

Trudeau wanted a “January 6th insurrection” narrative but the truckers simply refused to give it to him. The CBC tried, but with citizen journalists — including seventeen Rebel News reporters — embedded in the various convoys and blockades telling the truth, Trudeau simply couldn’t make that false accusation.

But then police announced those astonishing criminal charges and Trudeau put the country under a form of martial law.

Some people immediately wondered if the arrests were a pretext to launch the Emergencies Act. But when information began to come out from police and prosecutors, it looked very serious indeed.

Rebel News has crowdfunded the legal defence for 55 truckers in Alberta and more than 3,000 defendants of various lockdown offences nation-wide including Tamara Lich and Pastor Arthur Pawlowski. But Rebel News did not want to fund the Coutts Four because the charges against them were for serious crimes, not civil liberties matters. (Rebel News did hire lawyers for their bail hearing, while the men made other permanent arrangements.) Donors had given funds for civil liberties cases and the Coutts Four were outside the scope of that.

But as the months turned into years, questions arose. Did these men actually do what they were accused of doing? Why was their case taking so long? Why were prosecutors refusing to comply with their obligation to disclose evidence to the accused men?

And then a couple of weeks ago, the surprise plea bargain with two of the men.

What did that mean for the others? I don’t know if they will be found guilty or not. But it is clear to me that police overcharged the men and prosecutors have exaggerated the case.

I met with Chris Carbert and his family. And while the charges against him still exceed what Rebel News would normally crowdfund for, I have set up a special crowdfunding account just for Chris, at HelpChris.ca, for people who specifically want to give to his case. I’ve chipped in the first $500. All proceeds will go to pay for his lawyers in the weeks and months ahead. Donations will be transparent for both the family and the public and any surplus at the end of the trial will be put to other similar litigation funded by The Democracy Fund.

I’ll be in Lethbridge to report on this case for Rebel News, and the following week, the case of the so-called Coutts Three, three other men charged with non-violent crimes at the same blockade.

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