'F**k off, you f**kwads': Ontario mayor lashes out at conspiracy cultists who tried to arrest cops

These cultists, as victimized and exploited as they are by their 'Queen' Romana, were driven into Romana's arms by the bad decisions of leaders like Mayor Thierren.

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It's been a crazy and unsettling last two and a half years.

All the systems designed to protect us have ignored our rights or gone the extra step to walk all over them. And all of it was done in the name of public health.

The few people who resisted faced heavy persecution. Businessmen, protesters and pastors were arrested and jailed for standing up. Businesses, bank accounts and churches were seized.

Everything was not the way we thought we could count it to be, and none of the institutions meant to protect our rights did. Naturally, predatory interlopers stepped in to fill the void created by the political class.

On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid discussed the cultist followers of "Queen" Romano Didulo attempting to arrest police officers in Peterborough, Ontario and the expletive-laden reaction from the city's pro-lockdown mayor.

In a brief explanation, Romano Didulo claims she is the new Queen of Canada, appointed the Queen by the American military after Queen Elizabeth II was murdered. And she says she is the way, the truth, and the light to a free, more stable Canada.

I know. How did we miss this news?

Our new Queen Romano cruises around the country in a used RV her supporters bought for her, selling her free-man-on-the-land snake oil to hopeless people, those disoriented by the state of our country, abandoned by their families, and shaken by the unsteadiness of institutions they thought they could rely upon. 

A few days ago, some 30 or so followers of Queen Romano stormed a police station in Peterborough, Ontario, attempting at the behest of our new monarch to complete citizens' arrests of the police officers there for “crimes against humanity”, resulting in multiple charges — against the protesters. Romano bravely remained in the RV while her supporters sacrificed their freedom for her.

The mayor of Peterborough, Diane Thierren, took to Twitter to blast the protesters and citizens arresters, unapologetically telling them to “f**k off, you f**kwads.”

But these cultists, as victimized and exploited as they are by Romano, were driven into Romano's arms by the bad decisions of leaders like Thierren.

Cults percolate in a society where such crazy things have happened in the name of public health that Romano's plots and plans seem reasonable and believable to vulnerable and desperate people. Instead of introspection and understanding when the desperate do desperate things, all the vulnerable and misled get from their leaders is invective and insults. It's no wonder the desperate turn to anyone but their politicians.

Romano is the Frankenstein's monster stitched together by the likes of Thierren and other unfeeling lockdownist politicos who drove people to the edge. Thierren can't be upset that her creature is trundling around the town, frightening the villagers.

This is just a clip from the full episode of the Ezra Levant Show.

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