'F you Klaus Schwab, and F your New World Order': Comedian's WEF satire goes viral

Comedian Damon Imani gained overwhelming international support after his satirical piece telling off globalists at the World Economic Forum went viral online.

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In today's report, I sit down to interview Danish comedian Damon Imani about his viral video where he gives the leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF) a piece of his mind.

Although the video is a satirical piece, its seamless editing makes Imani appear to be physically present and a speaker during a session at the WEF 2024 annual meeting, which just took place in Davos, Switzerland last week.

"We the people were born free, we will stay free, and you and all of your globalist friends, including everyone in this room, can go f*** yourself," Imani appears to be saying toward WEF founder Klaus Schwab, a real-life character seemingly pulled from the pages of a James Bond story.

Although the video was comedy, its words have resonated with many, causing Imani’s social media following to double nearly overnight, and leftist media outlets to come for the comedian with "fact-check" articles that avoid informing the public about the purpose behind Imani’s message.

Click on the full video report to hear more from Imani about his craft and the positive support he’s received.

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