FAMILY SPEAKS OUT: Sheila Annette Lewis was denied life-saving transplant over COVID vax status

Sheila’s son D’Arcy spoke with Rebel News outside his mother's home to discuss the situation his family now faces.

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Recently, we released an exclusive report on Sheila Annette Lewis, an Alberta resident who was diagnosed with a terminal condition and denied a life-saving organ transplant by her doctors, Alberta Health Services, and three levels of court here in Canada due to her COVID vaccine status.

In that report, we detail everything you need to know about Sheila and the situation she finds herself in. It’s not just that she was told she needed a novel vaccine for COVID to get this life-saving transplant she desperately needs, but even after getting COVID twice and developing natural immunity, she was told she would need a booster. What’s even crazier, is that she was then told her family would also have to get boosted for her to have this transplant.

After the Supreme Court's dismissal, Sheila opened a new case under different legal counsel, now going after AHS for medical malpractice.

Sheila has also been in communication with a hospital in the United States which is willing to perform this transplant, but at a cost.

A Give-Send-Go campaign was created for Sheila, aimed at covering the massive fees for this transplant, and the testing involved to confirm her acceptance. This can be found at

To see my interviews with Sheila Annette Lewis, her previous legal counsel, and reports on this situation, I encourage you to go to

The situation Sheila’s going through is incredibly difficult to say the least. We went to her home and saw first-hand what physical and emotional strain her diagnosis is causing.

We were also granted the opportunity to interview one of her sons, D’Arcy, who has been taking a lead role in caring for her during this time. He detailed the supports in place for Sheila and shared with us his perspective on the situation.

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