Father & son denied home quarantine, sent to hotel after returning from surgery overseas

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It can be hard enough to get normal things done during a pandemic, such as going to see your family doctor or the dentist. Could you imagine having to fly your child overseas for surgery, only to be hassled by law enforcement upon returning and be subjected to thousands of pounds worth of fines?

But that’s exactly what happened to Matt Catteroll, who came on the receiving end of fines for doing just that. Matt reached out to us through our civil liberties campaign at FightTheFines.co.uk and told us his story.

Upon returning to Manchester from Abu Dhabi, Matt and his son were forced into a quarantine hotel, where they were both left without necessary medication — even though they had been told before they left for the trip that they could self-isolate at home upon return.

Make sure to watch this report for the full story.

We don’t think this is just in any manner, and that’s why we are providing Matt with a legal team at no cost to him, with the help of your support of our campaign at FightTheFines.co.uk. If you want to help fight back against these unjust measures, please donate via that same website at FightTheFines.co.uk so we can back Matt 100 per cent.

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  • By Rebel News

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