Father of Colorado police officer killed in shooting says son would be “deeply offended” by his death being used to promote gun control

Father of Colorado police officer killed in shooting says son would be “deeply offended” by his death being used to promote gun control
AP Photo/John Locher, File
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The family of slain Boulder Police officer Eric Talley says that the fallen officer would have been “deeply offended” if he knew that his death would be used to advocate for gun control.

Talley was one of ten people murdered in a mass shooting at the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado on Monday. Talley, who left behind seven children, was the first police officer to respond to the call of shots fired, and the first Boulder Police officer to fall in the line of duty in 30 years. 

Speaking to TMZ, Talley’s father said that his son would be shocked to know that his death was being used as a political cudgel by Democrat lawmakers, and even the president, to push for greater restrictions on firearms. He told the entertainment outlet that his son was a proud supporter of Second Amendment rights and even owned his own AR-15. 

“My son would have been deeply offended to know his death would be used to promote gun control. Before he was an officer, he enjoyed shooting,” Homer Talley said.

The fallen officer’s father also refused to support the narrative that the shooting was indicative of a larger problem with gun ownership in the United States and the culture surrounding it. Talley described the massacre as a “senseless act, and that is just it.” 

“The situation [Eric] found himself in wasn’t one that the government could protect him from,” he added. 

“Just because some wacko goes around shooting people doesn’t mean guns need to be taken away. You can’t take away enough guns to protect this country,” Talley said. “To take away that freedom completely is something I am against and my son was against.”

Talley said that he is still struggling to come to terms with his son’s murder, and is trying to find it in his heart to forgive the killer. 

“My family and my son are people of faith, we understand forgiveness and that is necessary for not just the shooter, but for ourselves,” he said.

Ahmad Alissa, the alleged gunman, has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder. Federal law enforcement and local police have yet to establish a firm motive in the shooting, but details of Alissa’s background that have surfaced since the incident indicate that he had a history of violence. 

Rebel News reported on Wednesday that Alissa’s classmates said that the alleged shooter would routinely threaten to make false accusations of hate crimes against fellow students at his high school. In at least one instance, he assaulted a classmate.

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