Federal spending on vaccine awareness was 100 times higher than ads warning of opioid dangers

PHAC data indicated that opioid overdoses sky-rocketed after government-imposed covid-19 lockdowns across the country, with BC, Alberta and Ontario bearing 90% of the fentanyl fatalities.

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Documents obtained through an inquiry of ministry indicate that $113 million was spent by Health Canada agencies on covid and/or covid vaccination advertising versus just $1.5 million spent informing the public of the dangers of opioids.

There were a total of 32,632 opioid toxicity deaths between January 2016 and June 2022. Opioid poisoning deaths have sky-rocketed from 8 per day in 2016 to 20 per day in 2022.

Although people aged 65 and older accounted for 94.1% of all covid deaths in Canada in 2020, opioids are killing young men in the prime of their lives. 76% of the people who die because of opioids are men. The majority of opioid poisonings are among individuals aged 20 to 59. The drug of choice is fentanyl, which is so often trafficked into the United States and Canada by crime rings based in China.

Yet, the government has had a misplaced focus on covid, telling young people struggling with despair, loneliness, job loss, fear, and isolation to do drugs over Facetime to avoid accidental poisoning.

The billions spent on vaccines that didn't work and the millions spent on awareness campaigns for them could have saved a lot of lives from opioids. And ending the lockdowns that drove young people to their darkest places was free and equally lifesaving.

But no one had that courage.

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