Fence goes down, tents go up at University of Toronto as pro-Hamas hooligans occupy campus

Despite saying it wouldn't tolerate an anti-Israel encampment being set up on the premises, school administrators haven't taken any action as protesters breached a fence blocking the lawn at King’s College Circle.

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Given what is occurring at so many university and college campuses in North America — ranging from Columbia in New York to UCLA is Los Angeles and McGill in Montreal — the administration at the University of Toronto stated that it would not tolerate an occupation of its grounds by the pro-Hamas hooligans.

And the university seemed to mean business, erecting a steel fence blocking off the lush lawn at King’s College Circle.

But alas, in the wee hours of Thursday morning, a section of this fence was breached, and the pro-Hamas types got onto the grounds. Up went the Palestinian flags and signage and tents (and say, who’s paying for all the infrastructure?) and now the grassy area is occupied by a decrepit tent city.

(The irony is rich: aren’t the pro-Hamas types anti-occupation? Oh, never mind…)


As for the University of Toronto, which originally stated that it would not put up with such an occupation? Well, it looks like U of T is indeed putting up with such an occupation!

When Rebel News arrived at the university on Thursday afternoon, campus security was on hand as well as a Toronto police SUV. But apparently, the administrators at the university did not request law enforcement to descend upon the illegal encampment and go into whack ’em and stack ’em mode. Pity, that…

But why?

Of note, the University of Toronto has another weapon in its quiver: it can threaten any students taking part in such shenanigans with expulsion. This has been the case at some Florida colleges… which is why you don’t hear of Floridian academic institutions being occupied by the pro-Hamas thugs.

But apparently, this too would appear a bit extreme for the tall forehead types at U of T. As for the Toronto police acting on their own volition? Forget about that concept.

Since last October, they have turned a blind eye to occupations of city infrastructure as well as chants of genocide and even physical violence. Sometimes the cops even re-invent themselves as Uber Eats drivers and deliver coffee and Timbits to the hooligans.

Alas, maybe it would be a different story if the mob was opening an illicit barbecue restaurant? Then the cops would take action — like they did in 2021 when they used the mounted unit (!) to shutdown Adam Skelly from operating his superb eatery.

(Why the cops turned a blind eye to the foodservice outlet being operated at a Costco a mere 400 metres away from Adamson Barbecue is anyone’s guess. Maybe Skelly wasn’t able to afford a slick lobbyist to make his case?)

We tried speaking to the ringleaders of the occupation. That was a fool’s errand. They would only chant slogans as they hid behind a banner.

And curiously: why is it that so many of them wear masks? Are they still fearful of COVID more than two years after the mask mandates were lifted? Are they just getting prepared for the arrival of “Virus X”? Or maybe they are going to be up to some illegal shenanigans and a mask makes for a nifty disguise?

How this occupation will play out is anyone’s guess.

Will it go on for days, weeks or even months? Indeed, everything is dependent on the head honchos at the University of Toronto administration growing a spine and demonstrating that their bite is every bit as severe as its bark. Don’t hold your breath…

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