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Fewer than sixty of the 1,020 Thornhill ventilators bought by Liberal government were ever 'deployed'

The expensive order to manufacture the medical devices was never fulfilled in its entirety.

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Today’s government spending scandal information comes to us by way of an order paper response from the government to a question asked by Conservative MP Cheryl Galant that was read into the official parliamentary record two weeks ago.

In March 2020, the Trudeau government quickly allocated $2 billion to buy protective personal equipment. However, like with all government spending, that amount quickly ballooned to $8 billion. One of the businesses awarded that public health manna from heaven was Thornhill Medical which was the recipient of an agreement to spend $200,451,621 for the purchase of 1,020 ventilators.

Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant asked Health Canada how many of the 1,020 Thornhill ventilators were delivered and then deployed.

Only 857 of the 1020 units purchased by Health Canada in the nearly one-quarter billion-dollar contract were delivered and only 59 were ever deployed.

Canadians may never know the full scope of misplaced pandemic spending, but with the help of our viewers and supporters, we promise to keep looking and will do our best to hold the government to account. To support our investigative journalism, please consider donating to our special research and access to information fund at

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