Fight the Fines case #8 — “They put handcuffs on my mom”: Ontario mother fined $880 on playground

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A young mom says she was cuffed, searched, insulted, and then fined $880. Her crime? Pushing her little one on a swing in an empty playground.

I want you to meet Bridget Carlson. She's a young mom from North Bay, Ontario and she has a harrowing and disturbing tale of what she says was her treatment at the hands of police in her city.

Carlson took her little girl out for some fresh air two weeks ago. She assumed there was no harm in stopping at the completely empty local park to give her daughter a little bit of normalcy. She pushed her daughter on the swing set.

Then the cops came.

Carlson said she was detained, put in handcuffs, and searched — her belongings and her person —and called an “idiot” by officers before being released with an $880 fine for violating Ontario’s COVID19 social distancing rules.

This whole scene took place in front of Carlson’s distraught little girl.

When I heard the story from Bridget, I was furious. The government is supposed to balance rights with safety. Who was Bridget putting in danger in such a way that she needed to be handcuffed and stuffed into a police cruiser in front of her child?

We are helping her fight this fine. Toronto criminal lawyer Sam Goldstein is a bencher with the Law Society of Ontario and has agreed to take her case.

You can help us help Bridget at If you have received a fine, reach out to us at that same website.

It’s time to put these municipal bullies back in their place and remind them who they work for.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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