FIGHT THE FINES: Rebel's legal team answers the most commonly asked questions on COVID fines

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Victoria Solomon, the Legal Coordinator for Rebel News' campaign, interviews Jenna Little.

Jenna is a senior paralegal who is heading the Ontario division of Rebel's Fight The Fines legal team.

In the course of this interview, Jenna answers a number of important questions pertaining to pandemic fines.

These are questions frequently asked by our Fight The Fines clients and Rebel News subscribers, such as:

  • what type of tickets are there?
  • which administrative errors can render tickets invalid?
  • are these tickets even real?

Through, Rebel News is currently assisting over 2,200 clients across Canada with civil, criminal and provincial offence matters. We have hired 22 lawyers, five paralegals and administrative staff — all crowdfunded through generous donations from our viewers to fight for Canadian civil liberties.

As is evident from this interview, Rebel News has some of the most competent and knowledgeable lawyers and paralegals in the country working with us, ones who are looking forward to challenging the constitutionality of these pandemic tickets in court.

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