Fight the Fines Victory: Saskatchewan mom beats criminal charges stemming from outdoor mask incident

Miranda is mask-exempt, and, at the time of the incident, was dealing with a back injury she needed surgery for.

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Miranda Gasior was taking her youngest son to this swimming lesson at the local outdoor pool this summer in her hometown of Lloydminster, Alberta when a relatively mild dispute with another mom about her mask — or lack thereof — ended in disaster.

Peace officers flattened Miranda in the parking lot in front of her kids and hauled her off in handcuffs to face three charges, including resisting arrest and a fine for not wearing a mask.

Miranda is mask-exempt, and, at the time, she was dealing with a back injury she needed surgery for. The police, however didn't want to hear any of it when they were manhandling her as her horrified kids looked on.

In the arrest, Miranda was severely injured and still deals with the trauma and stigma of what happened to her.

She's lost friends, was judged by family members. She was overwhelmed. Miranda needed a lot of help, and thankfully we were able to connect her with to get her some great legal help at no cost to her.

Fight The Fines is a civil liberties project where, in partnership with the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund, and through crowdfunding, lockdown victims are put in touch with top civil and criminal litigators at no cost to them to fight their lockdown infractions in court.

Chad Williamson from Williamson Law deployed his team to do everything he legally could for Miranda because she was in a world of trouble.

Miranda and her family recently received some great news — her charges have been dropped!

She's free from that legal battle, and while we can't undo the emotional damage done to Miranda and her family, she's so grateful for the help and support she received along the way.

There is still so much work left to do.

Over 2200 other families, pastors and businesses being helped through your generous donations to Fight The Fines are still awaiting their happy news, too. Please visit to make a donation to offset their legal fees and all donations qualify for a charitable tax receipt.

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