FINALLY: Canadian flags return to full-mast in time for Remembrance Day

Adam Soos drops off the more than 10,000 signatures from the Raise Our Flag petition to Alberta's Minister of Infrastructure after Canadian flags finally returned to full-mast on federal buildings this weekend.

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When we put out our campaign video two weeks ago, we hoped that it would resonate with veterans, Indigenous communities and Canadians at large.

The message was simple: raise our flag to honor our veterans by Remembrance Day.

We also called out the politicians like Justin Trudeau who were responsible for keeping the flags at half mast to take meaningful action to ameliorate the lives of Indigenous communities instead of just virtue signalling with lowered flags. Honouring our veterans and helping communities in need are both very Canadian things to do.

Our message clearly resonated. So much, in fact, that in the weeks following the launch of this campaign many other media outlets and social media pundits also began calling for the flag to be raised by November 11th.

Justin Trudeau could no longer ignore our message, and he has since capitulated, with reports indicating the Canadian flag will once again be raised this week.

It was no doubt in part thanks to your support in signing our petition that the flags will be raised, so we wanted to drop the petition off and ensure flags in Alberta will also be raised to acknowledge those who have fought for our freedom.

We met with Calgary-Edgemont Member of the Legislative Assembly and Infrastructure Minister Prasad Panda who accepted our petition and ensured that flags at all Government of Alberta-owned facilities would be flying high.

If you want to show your support to our veterans, you can still sign our petition at to make certain the flag remains raised.

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  • By Adam Soos

PETITION: Raise Our Flag

11,515 signatures
Goal: 15,000 Signatures

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