FINALLY, I got my bottle…! But it meant going to court to acquire something that was rightfully mine to begin with…

I pleaded my case to the police officer who visited the store, but he said as far as he could tell this was a civil matter and I was asked to leave the store without my bottle of Glenfarclas 105.

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For the past three years, consider all the major news happening the world over, from the COVID-19 lockdowns/forced vaccinations, to the war in Ukraine, to the latest Prime Minister Blackface scandal. Indeed, there’s been no shortage of front-page news stories. And yet, these past three years, the most often asked question I get from Rebel News viewers is the following: “Menzoid, did you get your bottle yet?”

Perhaps some of you don’t have the foggiest idea what I’m referring to. So, by way of background, here goes: back in March 2021, I went to the Wicksteed Avenue Liquor Control Board of Ontario location in Toronto to purchase three bottles of the superb Glanfarclas 105 scotch. The only problem is that while I purchased three bottles, I only received two given that one of the canisters that the bottles are packed in was empty.

I reached out to the LCBO’s website, and to the LCBO’s credit, the Crown corporation acted very quickly. Which is to say LCBO corporate reached out to the manager of the Wisksteed Avenue store, Ashley Matallo, and told her to do the right thing and give me that third bottle.

Matallo told me to come back to the store and pick up that missing Glenfarclas 105. I was happy to get that which is mine, but if I were the managers, I would’ve couriered that AWOL bottle to my house, maybe toss in a gift card. But that would be called customer service excellence, and when you are a state-sanction liquor monopoly, customer service is never a priority.

So it was that I returned to Wicksteed Avenue to pick up the bottle, and I thought I would make a video of this bizarre story. But inexplicably, Matallo, for reasons that have never been explained, decided on a whim that she was going to go against head office and refuse to return my property. Then she closed the store and called the police! Unbelievable.

Keep in mind this is a government-owned liquor store; it is not “Ashley Matallo’s Liquor Palace.” Withholding that bottle and shuttering the store was never her call to make. What a Karen!

I pleaded my case to the police officer who visited the store, but he said as far as he could tell this was a civil matter and I was asked to leave the store without my bottle of Glenfarclas 105.

And so it was that I did indeed file a small claims lawsuit. That’s right: I paid $100 to file a claim for a $110 bottle of scotch! But Matallo gave me no choice.

Well, finally folks, I recently had my day in court. And I was victorious!

Alas, due to the nondisclosure agreement I signed, I’m limited in what I can report. For example, I cannot mention what was said in mediation by either side or what the judge said. Nor can I state the precise sum of my monetary award. Let’s just say this: I can now purchase a replacement bottle of Glenfarclas 105… actually, I’ll be able to buy quite a few bottles of Glenfarclas 105...

But the thing is, this matter should never have gone to court in the first place, especially given the preponderance of video and audio evidence. And the fact that Matallo was ordered by head office to make things right. It is surreal.

By the way, folks, do you know that Ashley Matallo makes more than $118,000 a year plus benefits? Yes, this is how an incompetent liquor store clerk is compensated in Ontario. Your tax dollars hard at work yet again, folks.

But wait – there is an incredible epilogue to this story. And it is downright unbelievable. It involves yours truly and Ashley Matallo and the LCBO and this case is being heard in a criminal court, not a civil court. You are simply not going to believe this yarn, folks. And as soon as the case wraps, I’ll have another follow-up report as we try to determine if Ashley Matallo is a liar or mentally ill… or perhaps a combination of both?

Stay tuned…

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