Fined for playing football! UK cops on film charging man after leaving field with family

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Anthony Claypole is a father of five in Barry, Wales. The kids have to get out of the house — one of his children is autistic and another has Asperger's.

They can’t be cooped up for so long.

They need to get outside just to run around a bit.

All kids do.

So Anthony took his family to the largest field he could find. It’s massive — talk about social distancing. It’s vast.

But then the lockdown cops arrived and told him to go home. So he did.

But they followed him. And they radioed ahead to a police van, which raced to intercept them — like they were burglars fleeing a crime scene!

They fined Anthony £60. Which then mysteriously grew into a £816 fine. And they convicted him — all without him attending in court.

And the worst part of it is: police threatened to arrest Anthony in front of his children, just to humiliate him. 

This just isn’t right. This police response is extreme. They used no judgement, no discretion. Punishing a father of five with a £816 fine is just wrong.

But how can he fight the fine? Hiring a lawyer would cost even more than £816.

That’s where we come in! Rebel News is crowdfunding a lawyer to help Anthony. We’re already representing several other Britons who have been bullied by the lockdown police. We want to help him, too.

Rebel News is fighting to help people suffering from these injustices, but we need your help.  You can donate and pledge your support at, and if you are hit by a fine you can request assistance at the same address.

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