Fire Rod Phillips! Ontario Finance Minister left Canada for Christmas vacation amid brutal lockdown

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The weather outside is frightful… but we think that wherever Rod Phillips might be is probably quite delightful!

Unbelievable! Ontario Finance Minister Rod Phillips has admitted he jet-setted out of the country earlier this month, presumably to some place hot and sunny and sandy.

That’s right. Rod’s a senior member of the Doug Ford Progressive Conservative government – that same government that told us all to stay at home AND to limit the number of people coming into our homes at Christmastime. But Rod whipped down to Parts Unknown to work on his tan while telling the rest of us to… well, to do nothing – or else!

Or else what? Well, just ask Adam Skelly of Adamson Barbecue what the consequences are should a member of the great unwashed masses break a Wuhan virus rule...

But the thing is, sneaky Rod got caught – just like a rat with a big hunk of cheese in its mouth.

Just curious: does this secret vacation make Phillips a “yahoo”? If not, why not?

Yes, “We’re all in this together.” Except when… we’re not. Except when “we” are part of the political elite. They’re special.

But this latest excursion by Phillips is truly egregious. Phillips is part of the cabal that has brutally locked down the economy. Thousands are unemployed. Hundreds of businesses are going bankrupt. But obviously, the Finance Minister doesn’t give a rodent’s rectum about that.

By the way, Minister Phillips: can Ma & Pa Ontario businesses – the ones you’re pushing into insolvency – use the good ol’ Sgt. Schultz “I know nothing” excuse in order to open up in violation of the rules, too? Or is selective rule-following a matter of ministerial privilege?

The Minister’s behaviour is truly beyond the pale. Especially when there’s evidence to suggest Phillips was pretending to be in Ontario when he wasn’t – just check out his own Twitter feed.

So, please make your voice heard.

Go to and sign our petition. When we receive a critical mass of signatures, I’ll personally deliver the document to Phillips.

After all, we know where to find him. He says when he gets back from wherever he’ll be quarantining for 14 days… but then again, is this statement a falsehood, too, Mr. Phillips?

Please sign our petition.

I’ll track down this phony-baloney and let him know he’s a vile hypocrite. If he doesn’t have the decency to resign, let’s get Premier Ford to fire the liar. As in immediately.

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HYPOCRITE: Fire Rod Phillips!

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Goal: 15,000 Signatures

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