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Canada’s public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam works for the World Health Organization. She has to work for Canadians — not foreign dictatorships. Sign our petition if you agree.

Petition Drop Off: 50,000 Canadians want Dr. Theresa Tam FIRED

Keean Bexte, May 28, 2020

I am happy to report that myself and my cameraman went to her office in Ottawa, and delivered the petition successfully. If she won’t be fired by Trudeau, maybe she will just do the right thing and resign.

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We have documents that show how the Public Health Agency may have altered accurate health information at Canadian airports out of fear of angering China. 

That’s right — once again, Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, appears to have put her World Health Organization (WHO) bosses before Canadians.   

Let Sheila Gunn Reid explain — check out her exclusive report!

UPDATE: A new CIA report says China pressured the World Health Organization to downplay the extent of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The WHO complied and people have died. And Dr. Teresa Tam is as compromised as a Chinese face mask.

Check out what Sheila Gunn Reid found out in her latest episode of The Gunn Show.

Dr. Theresa Tam should be FIRED for her COVID-19 failures.

Under her watch as Canada’s chief public health official, we have seen tens of thousands of COVID-19 cases and almost three thousand deaths.

But get this: Sheila Gunn Reid can now EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Dr. Tam knew about China’s LIES as early as January.

Was Justin Trudeau's top public health official — Dr. Theresa Tam — part of the World Health Organization's (WHO) cover-up of COVID-19?

On this episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra Levant examined Dr. Tam's position as Canada’s representative on the WHO's Emergency Committee for the COVID-19 pandemic. And he discovered that this secretive committee met in January to decide whether or not to issue a so-called “red alert” to the world.

But how did Dr. Theresa Tam vote?

Check out Ezra's analysis below: 

Ezra Levant (April 16, 2020)

Did you know that this whole time, Dr. Theresa Tam — Canada’s public health officer — has been working for the Chinese-controlled World Health Organization?

Not just as a low-level doctor or bureaucrat. Tam's actually one of only seven people on the WHO’s oversight committee for health emergencies.

So, the WHO’s well-documented political corruption happened on her watch — when it was literally her job to stop it. She either approved of China’s meddling or was wilfully blind to it.

What’s so crazy is that Tam is still on the WHO’s oversight committee. That puts her in a conflict of interest — whose side is she on, Canada’s or China’s WHO?

Her loyalty to the WHO is why she has given such bizarre advice to Canadians — like telling Canadians not to wear masks, or that closing the border to countries where the virus was rampant wouldn't do any good, and her first response back in January was to call anyone worried about the virus a "racist". That never made any sense — until you realize she was taking orders from China’s WHO.

But it’s worse now because the WHO itself is the issue — can we trust them? Well, how could Tam even answer that when she was one of the seven people tasked with keeping them trustworthy? Tam can’t very well admit she rubber-stamped the WHO's corruption, can she?

We have to fire Tam. If you agree with me, please sign our petition on this page — and share it with your friends, to learn the truth about Theresa Tam and her intolerable conflict of interest.

Canada’s public health officer has to work for Canadians — not foreign dictatorships.