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Fired for refusing to be injected with the emergency use only COVID-19 vaccination?

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The global push to get the COVID vaccine is like nothing we’ve ever seen before in medical history. But exactly when will the push to get the jab, and then another jab, subside?

A logical assumption for many in British Columbia would have been after the Public Safety Minister canceled the province’s state of emergency. But a concerning new trend appears to be on the rise in British Columbia. This is my second report in just one week, in which a hard-working employee found themselves terminated for not following their company’s COVID-19 rules that go over and above what public health and WorkSafeBC require them to implement.

In this full report, Randall Burgess, a now-former employee of Bissett Fasteners, a distributor of construction fasteners, discloses a recording of his final moments with the company after he says they fired him for not taking the COVID-19 vaccination.

The termination based on what an employee chooses to put inside of their body, is eerily similar to a recent report of mine, when a young woman named Abigail Smart was terminated by the Eddie Bauer company for not disclosing whether or not she had taken the COVID-19 jabs, and still choosing to show her bare face while working, even after B.C.’s face covering mandate had been lifted.

According to the CDC, vaccinated people can still catch, spread, and even die from COVID, and more than 99 per cent of the people who die with COVID have one or more underlying health conditions. So are you as baffled as I am as to why any employer wouldn’t allow their staff to choose whether they want a vaccine that causes 10 times more severe allergic reactions than the flu shot injected inside of them?

If you are just as concerned about the normalization of medical coercion in Canada, please sign our petition at Help our frontline doctors and nurses who wish to inform the public on the other side of the story with COVID-19, but have been punished and intimidated for doing so.

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  • By Drea Humphrey

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