For standing up for Catholic values (and science), Grade 11 student Josh Alexander remains suspended – and threatened with arrest

'The number one student that actually came and complained to me did go to the office as well, and they didn't hear her,' said Alexander. 'So at that point, I was the only voice that would take her side.'

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At Fringy Family Day, we bumped into Josh Alexander wearing his trademark red-coloured “Save Canada” baseball cap (and one must wonder these days: can Canada be saved?).

Case in point: Josh is a student at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ont. Apparently, St, Joseph’s is a school that is Catholic in name only. You see, there are male students pretending to be females at the school, and allegedly these dudes are going into the girls’ washrooms, not just to relieve themselves but to “identify” as peeping Toms (and apparently that’s OK with the school principal).

Instead of being applauded, Josh was suspended for 20 days late last year because he expressed his Christian beliefs during class debates and on social media. And those beliefs were that there are only two genders and that students cannot switch back and forth between genders. Oh, and that male students should not be permitted into the girls’ washroom.

The timing of this suspension suggests retaliation for Josh organizing a student walk-out regarding the refusal of St. Joseph’s Principal, Derek Lennox, to address the concerns of a female student regarding male students accessing the girls’ washrooms.

According to a press release issued by the Liberty Coalition Canada (which is representing Josh Alexander):

Josh was told by the principal he could only return to school if he agreed to not use the ‘dead name’ of any transgender student and agreed to exclude himself from his two afternoon classes because those classes are attended by two transgender students who disapprove of Josh’s religious beliefs.

“On January 6, 2023, LCC Chief Litigator James S.M. Kitchen, who is representing Josh,” wrote the principal explaining how compelling Josh to utter falsehoods regarding gender contrary to his beliefs and segregating him from classes are repugnant manifestations of religious discrimination.

The principal responded by excluding Josh from attending St. Joseph’s altogether, claiming that 'his presence in the school or classroom would be detrimental to the physical or mental well-being of the pupils.'

“As the Principal’s discriminatory actions toward Josh were unlawful, Josh attended school on January 9. In response, the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board, of which St. Joseph’s is a part, issued a Trespass Notice against Josh, effective until the end of the first semester, and a second suspension.”

And one wonders: Where do Catholic bishops stand on this? Where does the Pope stand on this?

It would appear this matter is headed to a courtroom. In the months ahead, it will be fascinating to see where a judge stands in this.

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