Ford deflects responsibility over Chinese flag-raising | MPP Randy Hillier with David Menzies

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Ontario MPP Randy Hillier dishes up some much-needed straight talk on a deplorable event that almost happened at Queen’s Park last Wednesday.

If you can believe it, a few days ago, the Ontario legislature was going to host a flag-raising event on the lawns of Queen’s Park for...  the People’s Republic of China?! It was to commemorate China’s National Day on October 1. Commemorate, not condemn.

Yes, a western democracy was going to honour communist China in the year 2020. No, you are not residing in The Twilight Zone.

Alas, when a shite-storm erupted by people who cared about such trite concepts as human rights, democracy and the rule of law, this odious event was cancelled at the last minute.

But how did this almost happen in the first place, considering the egregious damage (both health and economic-wise) that Communist China has inflicted upon the world this year, thanks to the Wuhan virus?

Check out my conversation with Randy Hillier to see what a political interview is like when there is a blessed absence of B.S.

Oh, and did the Doug Ford Progressive Conservatives somehow forget about Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, Canadians who have been illegally incarcerated and tortured in China for more than 660 days? Astonishing.

We briefly interviewed PC MPP Paul Calandra who seemed to blame the fiasco on the previous Liberal government.

(Mr. Calandra, please buy a calendar. It’s 2020.)

Besides, why was MPP and deputy speaker Rick Nicholls planning to deliver a speech that day, presumably lauding the human rights sewer that is China?

Meanwhile, Premier Doug Ford was nowhere to be found on this issue, hiding behind the skirt of his spokeswoman.

So you can imagine our relief when we happened to bump into MPP Randy Hillier, a straight-shooter who weighed in on the flag-raising issue with some refreshingly honest and heartfelt comments.

(Gee, no wonder Randy was kicked out of caucus...)

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