Ford gov't seeking donations, while small businesses he stood for continue to suffer

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It feels like just yesterday that Ontario Premier Doug Ford swept into power in the province, ousting the long-standing Liberal Party government in the process. Ford, winning a last-minute leadership race to replace the scandal-plagued Patrick Brown, rode a populist wave claiming he would be “for the people” and would make Ontario “open for business.”

And then the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Ontario has seen some of the most strict measures in the free world, with the economy suffering as a result.

Now, with an election looming next year, Ford's Progressive Conservative of Ontario is coming to its members with hat-in-hand seeking donations to support the premier's re-election efforts.

On yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show, guest host David Menzies shared the fundraising letter he received from the party, and criticized the Ford government for its handling of small businesses during the pandemic.

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