CHINESE LOBBYIST: Former ambassador to China, John McCallum, lobbying cabinet for his new Chinese bosses

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Do you remember John McCallum? He was a lifer with the Liberal Party, a cabinet minister, and then Justin Trudeau appointed him as Canada's ambassador to China. On his watch, Canada-China relations hit a new low — China’s spying in Canada reached new heights, China had illegal boycotts of Canadian agriculture goods, and of course the worst of all: China straight up arrested two Canadian civilians, Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor — held under abusive conditions for nearly two years. None of this seemed to faze McCallum, who actually insisted that Canada had more in common with Communist China than with the United States. He actually said that.

He was supposed to be Canada’s ambassador to China, but it usually felt like the other way around. 

In a startling press conference, he called for the release of the alleged Chinese fraudster, Meng Wanzhou, a Huawei executive, fighting extradition to the United States. It was shocking enough for him to interfere in the court system as an agent of the government – that’s how they do it in Communist China. But to interfere — and to take China’s side against us? Unbelievable. Even Trudeau knew that McCallum had to be fired. But didn’t really matter to McCallum though, because he already solidified his business connections in the communist dictatorship. McCallum pivoted to work for the Wailian Group, a company that specializes in getting Chinese oligarchs children access to citizenship and study in western countries.

Can you think of a more perfect job for a corrupt Trudeau Liberal?

Well, here is where it gets interesting: it appears that in McCallum’s rush to please his Chinese masters, he might have broken Canadian law. See, McCallum bragged in a speech to Wailian Group that he had an exclusive conversation with his old cabinet pal, the current Minister of Immigration and Citizenship Marco Mendicino, and the results of that conversation convinced him that the Canadian government’s policy is favourable to the position of the Chinese firm.

That, folks, is called lobbying. It is not something that you can do, and it is not something that I can do. In part because you and I are not registered lobbyists — but also because being able to get the ear of senior cabinet ministers is not a casual affair. McCallum was only able to do it because he’s the consummate Liberal insider.

But there’s a five year moratorium on lobbying when you leave the cabinet table. But he didn’t care.

Despite both McCallum and the Minister of Immigration Marco Mendicino himself admitting to the exclusive conversation, the records came up as empty when Rebel News filed an access to information request. 

That means it was either scrubbed, or the conversation took place, Hillary Clinton style — no records, because they knew that the conversation was illegal.

Trudeau prorogued Parliament to avoid being investigated by the Official Opposition in light of the WE Scandal, and that means any investigation into the Minister of Immigration and John McCallum’s conduct is also impossible – but guess who Trudeau can’t prorogue? Me. 

Since nobody else is able to right now, Rebel News took it upon ourselves to hire a law firm to draft and file a comprehensive complaint with the Office of the Lobbying Commissioner.

Our lawyer outlines in painstaking detail the comments made by McCallum that indicate that he used his connections to the Liberal government to advance the interests of his Chinese employer. It is clear, in my opinion, that McCallum is in breach of the Lobbying Act.

He has demonstrated over and over, in speeches delivered in Qingdao, Beijing, Sozhou, Shanghai, and Shenzen, that he is willing to abuse connections and favours with his old Liberal pals for his personal financial benefit as well as for the benefit of a company belonging to a hostile foreign power.

Our letter has just been sent to the lobbying commissioner — and you can read every detail for yourself at

And that’s the part where you come in.

After you give this document a read — I need your help.

It cost us about $5,000 dollars to have top-notch lawyers research, draft, and send this official complaint to the Office of the Lobbying Commissioner.

If you can pitch in to help us recoup this cost — we will be able to follow this scandal until it is fixed. It will also tell us that Canadians are actually interested in holding the Liberal’s feet to the fire when they break the law. We just sent a similar letter to the CRA about the WE Charity, and folks told us that they wanted more. If you help us out here — we can keep doing this every time the Liberals step out of line.

To donate, CLICK HERE — thanks.

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