Former BC MP Kenny Chiu — believed to have been targeted by China in last election — weighs in on election interference

In today's report, I sit down to interview one of the first political figures in Canada to have blown the whistle on foreign election meddling by China.

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When Kenny Chiu, the former Conservative MP from the Steveston—Richmond East riding, claimed that part of his electoral defeat in 2021 was because he had been targeted by foreign influence from China, his critics summed up the claims as the cry of a sore loser.

A Conservative senator who has since apologized even went as far as to publicly accuse Chiu of flat-out lying about the information he had indicating that a disinformation campaign to smear the Hong Kong-born Canadian as “anti-Chinese” served as retaliation for the then MP bringing forward private members' Bill C-282, An Act to establish the Foreign Influence Registry.

If passed, the bill would have required foreign government agents to declare their activities in Canada or potentially face criminal charges.

After losing his seat and warning Canadians, former MP Chiu settled into humanitarian work in Ukraine and co-running his International Hyperbaric Health Centers business, which uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy to non-invasively treat a wide variety of health conditions.

Then, when more information about China’s election interference was recently leaked by a CSIS whistleblower, Chiu found himself feeling “a mixture of pleasantly surprised but at the same time an overwhelming sadness.”

Chiu was relieved to finally have more evidence corroborating what he had been saying but ultimately feels that it points to how much work needs to be done to protect the democratic foundation of our country. 

Click on the video report to hear Chiu weigh-in on how the Trudeau government is handling the foreign meddling claims, how the Chinese Canadian community has been impacted by them, and his thoughts on Trudeau dismissing Canadians wanting accountability from Liberal MP Han Dong, for evidence indicating that he was hand-picked by the Communist Party of China to win his seat.

If you believe that no MP, regardless of their race, should remain in power if they have been placed there by a foreign state, head to to sign our petition calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to immediately remove MP Dong from caucus.

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