Former ethics prof welcomed at London, Ontario Freedom Rally after questioning uni's vaxx policy

Dr. Julie Ponesse's hope is that those in attendance would go on to 'be the heroes our country so desperately needs' by resisting COVID-mandated tyranny.

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On November 20, several hundred vaccine-choice people gathered at Victoria Park in London, Ontario — or “a few dozen anti-vaxxers” as those in the mainstream media would likely report — but alas, they can't be bothered to attend “Yahoo” events such as the Worldwide Rally for Freedom which took place in several cities around the world last week.

Pastor Henry Hildebrandt was one of the keynote speakers.

Thanks to the draconian laws now in effect in the name of COVID-19, Pastor Hildebrandt stated that we are living in a world of “evil lies”. And how can one blame the pastor for harbouring such an opinion?

After all, his Church of God in Aylmer, Ont., has been fined more than $200,000 and at one point, the church was even locked down, forcing congregants to worship outside.

Kindly pay no attention to the jam-packed supermarket just a few hundred metres away from the Church of God, where it's always been business as usual. Science!

Also on hand was the always profound and charming Dr. Julie Ponesse (Follow @DrJuliePonesse on Twitter), a former ethics professor at the University of Western Ontario and currently the resident pandemic ethics scholar for The Democracy Fund.

Dr. Ponesse delighted the crowd when she summed up the utter insanity of mandatory vaccinations by quoting a nurse who had once posed the following question: “Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn't protect them in the first place?” (Um... science?)

Dr. Ponesse's hope is that those in attendance would go on to “be the heroes our country so desperately needs” by resisting COVID-mandated tyranny.

Of note: the City of London refused to unlock the bandshell stage for the speakers, meaning that they had to stand on benches. (Alas, this was not a Black Lives Matter rally, you see. An event like that would receive the red carpet treatment from the city.)

And while police did not do anything to break up the gathering, at one point, a City of London animal control officer dropped by to observe. The question arises: does London City Council consider those in the vax-choice/anti-lockdown movement to be... less than human? Fascinating...

When I asked Dr. Ponesse if she planned to visit her former place of employment, Julie said that such a trip down memory lane would be impossible: Dr. Ponesse said she's been told that should she ever set foot on Western property, she will be arrested for trespassing. Sad.

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