Former Scottish international rugby player speaks out against 'transanity' infecting the sport

Jonathan Goldie, a former international rugby player who resigned as coach of the Burlington Centaurs women’s club, says biological males shouldn't be competing against females.

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Meet Jonathan Goldie. He’s an ex-Scottish international rugby player and international track athlete who emigrated to Canada in 2001. He’s been involved in Canadian rugby until very recently, both as a player and a coach at the club, provincial and national level.

Goldie is appalled by what is occurring in Ontario as it pertains to fake females who are worming their way into women’s rugby (yes, we’re looking at you, Tommy “Ash” Davis of the Fergus Highlanders).

For almost a year now, Rebel News has covered the sordid saga of Ash Davis — a man who used to play men’s rugby and was voted “hardest hitter” on his team in 2022.

Now he plays on the female Fergus club, in contravention of World Rugby rules. And this self-entitled narcissist routinely injures real female players on opposing clubs. Amazingly, this gender-bending grifter now receives police protection in case he is asked impolite queries. Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s police state.

Yet, due to the unholy trinity of “diversity, equity and inclusion”, this transgender farce is being tolerated — and even encouraged by the woke weirdos. Make no mistake: allowing men to play against women in a contact sport is not an example of DEI, but rather, garden variety misogyny.

As for Goldie, he was the coach of the Burlington Centaurs women’s club for two seasons. Alas, he ended up resigning, partly due to ludicrous gender idiocy being embraced.

Says Goldie: “I foresaw myself getting into a situation where I would have to physically prevent a male from taking the field against my team in order to protect my female players from physical harm. I knew I wouldn't be supported.”

As well, he notes that when it comes to the field of gender, power, sex, and sexuality, he was a student of political science in 1996.

“This was when universities weren't woke political institutions trying to enforce their fictional gender dogma upon others. My education was contrary to everything which is being preached in 2023. It was shocking to see the team I used to coach having to play against a male whilst other males stood around and not only did nothing about it but condoned the situation. I've had enough of rugby being used as a vehicle to promote this low I.Q. nonsense at the expense of women,” he says.

Check out our full interview with Jonathan Goldie, a voice of reason, compassion and common sense in a sport that is now being compromised in Canada by woke, weak wimps.

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  • By David Menzies


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