BREAKING: NDP candidate, union activists storm Danielle Smith’s press conference in security scare

Premier Smith’s campaign announcement today in Calgary was disrupted when NDP activists, including a 2021 federal candidate, rushed the podium

Former NDP candidate and activists storm Danielle Smith’s press conference on cost saving measures for seniors
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Alberta Premier Danielle Smith was making a routine campaign announcement on Thursday when NDP activists, including a former candidate and a labour union organizer, stormed into the room and rushed the podium, interrupting the event. The shocking incident, caught on video, could herald a new, more aggressive phase in the election campaign with just three weeks left until voting day.

Video shows 2021 federal NDP candidate Pat King, and labour activist Aaron Doncaster amongst the disruptors. According to a statement by the UCP, one agitators pushed aside one police officer and another was held back by security.

The incident also suggests coordination between Notley’s NDP and the province’s labour union movement. Notley’s husband, Lou Arab, is a senior union organizer in the province. Notley herself tweeted the location of Smith’s announcement just yesterday, but has since deleted the tweet.

The NDP campaign issued a hasty statement on Twitter denying any connection. 

“What happened today during a press conference with Danielle Smith was unacceptable and we strongly condemn the actions taken by the protesters involved.”

Rebel News is inquiring with Notley’s campaign to see what discipline, if any, will be meted out to the NDP party members who participated.

Notley herself has taken a heavy hand with her own campaign events, blocking journalists from attending or asking questions, and even calling security and police to escort out reporters who asked questions she didn’t like. Notley has banned reporters from Western Standard, The Countersignal and Rebel News, and her press aide publicly accused the Western Standard’s Jonathan Bradley of “hate speech” against NDP candidates.

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