Former veteran who lost her job for not taking the jab also lost custody of her granddaughter

'I am fully capable of taking care of this baby, which is my granddaughter,' said Josée Belleville. 'I wanted this more than anything to be able to see her and I don't have any answers, so that's why I'm here.'

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Josée Belleville served her country when she was in the army. During the pandemic, she refused to take the COVID-19 vaccine and she was kicked out of the army. 

Afterwards she was pretty vocal regarding the pandemic’s issues especially on TikTok. She was going to be a grandmother and that is all she really cared about.

Her daughter did enter in the children aid system before she gave birth. When she finally went to the hospital to give birth to her child, the police officer came to remove the baby for her daughter. For many days, she tried to get an answer of why she wasn’t allowed to have custody of her daughter’s child and nobody dared to answer her.

“I am fully capable of taking care of this baby. They promised me that I would have the baby. And the next day, everything changed," said Belleville.

“They won't talk to me. I've tried to talk to politicians. I've tried to talk to a lot of people wondering, can someone help? Can someone investigate? Can someone do this? I served my country. I'm a good mother. I've always have been a good mother. Right now I feel that they're using the fact that I did not get vaccinated...”

Today, she still doesn’t have the right to visit her granddaughter and she is seeking an answer.

“I can't believe that I served the country. I was good enough to protect Canada, Canadian people. And they're taking away this little baby that all I want to do is love," concluded Belleville.

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