APOLOGY ACCEPTED! We fought deplatforming — and we won against the cancel culture mob!

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I’ve got some good news for a change — we have a major victory in our lawsuit against the cancel culture mob. I think we’ve found a way, at least in Canada, and probably in the United Kingdom and Australia — to use the law to stop deplatforming.

It took eighteen months, but I think it’s really working; we’ve proven the concept.

Let me show you the results, and then let me tell you how we did it — and how you might be able to, also.

I now have a signed apology from the owner of two theatres that cancelled two book signings I had scheduled back in October of 2019 for my book about Justin Trudeau called The Libranos: What the media won’t tell you about Justin Trudeau’s corruption

I was scheduled to do a book launch in Edmonton and then in Calgary, at these great independent movie theatres.

So I signed a contract with these theatres do to my book signings there, and I paid the whole rental fee in advance, and I was excited about it.

But then, about a week before my book launch, a left-wing Twitter mob started threatening the theatre owner — they wanted to cancel my book-signing!

So I called up the theatre owner to reassure him, and I told him I’d hire some private security at my own expense just to make sure there was no problem and to put him at ease.

The owner, Mike Brar, told me in thirty years he had never cancelled a movie and he didn’t expect to start now.

But finally, when the day of the book signing came, and we all showed up — the theatre doors were locked and were kept us out.

So I did my book launch on the street outside!

Well, fast forward to today.

Let me read his letter to me, which you can find on the website StopDeplatforming.com.

Mike: apology accepted. And I really think he means it. I just don’t think he had ever been treated that way by the mob. You know how cruel people can be on the Internet.

Leftists know that wouldn’t work on me. So they picked on an immigrant entrepreneur, and scared him to death. What a bunch of bullies.

What was so gross is that some of the mob were professors and staff at the University of Alberta. How awful is that — professors banning book launches. That’s disgraceful, frankly.

But like I say — what could I do? The doors were closed; the contract wasn’t honoured.

Now, as you can sort of tell, I sued Mike Brar and the two theatres for breach of contract. I had paid him in advance, he took my money and he scuppered the whole evening. I don’t like it, but I can understand it, and I really do accept his apology and the other parts of the settlement that I’m not at liberty to discuss.

But what about the real bad guys here — the mob itself?

Even Mike's own staff, Michael Corless and Jordon Thompson — they pressured him to rip up his contract with me. Do they really get to walk away from this? Does the Twitter mob? Do those woke professors?

No. And this is the lesson I want to share with you. This is how I fought back.

If you want to see our lawsuit for yourself, it’s on the website StopDeplatforming.com.

I’ve also posted Mike Brar’s apology letter there too. And if you are deplatformed somewhere — feel free to use my lawyer’s lawsuit as a template.

The mob carried the day back in October of 2019. But I don’t think they’re going to carry the day in the court of law.

Go to StopDeplatforming.com to learn more — and if you can help me cover the costs of this litigation, please do — you can do it right there on the same website, too.

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  • By Ezra Levant

Stop Deplatforming!

We had two of our events cancelled due to left wing bullies pressuring a business owner. I’ve found a way to stop leftist bullies from cancelling conservative events. But I need your help!


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