“Four more years!”: Canadians show support for Trump ahead of election

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Trump and his supporters just can’t seem to get a break from Hollywood or the mainstream media.

While he recently brokered several peace deals in the Middle East, there was sparse coverage of these achievements. And when Joe Biden and Chelsea Handler started berating black Trump supporters, there was little outrage. Even a  77-year-old veteran was attacked for wearing a MAGA hat and Back the Blue” mask was ignored by the mainstream media.

But biased narratives on President Trump are not exclusive to Americans. 

A recent 338 Canada poll asked 1,500 Canadian voters who they would vote for in the U.S. presidential election if they were able to, and Biden outranked Trump by a landslide. 

But even with those results, I’m not entirely convinced that the vast majority Canadians disapprove of Trump, and I have the interviews to support my theory.

Check out my report where I ask passersby in Vancouver their opinions on Donald Trump!

Here at Rebel News, our journalists are free to bring you the other side of the story. That includes me not hiding the fact that I’m a Canadian Trump supporter. And I could care less if that makes Joe Biden and Chelsea Handler want to revoke my black card!

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