Franco Terrazzano: 'Anywhere from 93 to 98% of all federal bureaucrats received at least one raise during the pandemic'

'So you have bureaucrats who are not even worried about missing a raise or a bonus, demanding huge compensation increases from taxpayers who are worried about missing meals,' said Federal Director of The Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Franco Terrazzano.

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Federal Director from The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), Franco Terrazzano joins the Ezra Levant Show to discuss his written piece called, 'Taxpayers can’t afford PSAC’s demands.'

Franco spoke about the Public Services Alliance of Canada (PSAC) wanting a raise, which could cost taxpayers billions.

He said:

Over three years, they're pushing for up to 47% compensation increase. Over those three years, that would cost taxpayers $9.3 billion.

So you ask if it's reasonable? No, it's not reasonable, it's unreasonable. It's unaffordable and it's unsustainable.

Folks, just let that sink in for a second.

$9.3 billion hit to the taxpayer over three years.

I don't know too many people out there who are could afford this type of hit.

"How many Canadians right now are at the grocery store wondering if they can afford the package of ground beef or the jug of milk? How many Canadians are out there right now who are worried whether they can afford to fill up their car with gasoline? Or how many Canadians out there are worried about losing their homes as mortgage payments go up?" Franco questioned while talking to Ezra.

"Now you have some government union negotiators in Ottawa demanding up to 47% compensation increase over three years for a total cost of $9.3 billion."

Ezra said that "it sounds like an enormous amount, but we're used to billions and even the occasional use of the word trillion." He added that when you break it down to the individual level, that's when it gets shocking.

Ezra quoted a sentence from Franco's article:

Compensation for each full-time federal employee is $125,300 on average when pay, pension and other benefits are added up, according the Parliamentary Budget Officer.

Ezra added to that sentence and said that "this is the new ruling class. This is the one percenters. I mean, doctors, lawyers, professionals, no no no, you're a government bureaucrat. You're making 125(k) a year on average, that's right! And they want to raise on top of that."

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