Franco Terrazzano: 'The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is rewarding itself for failure with bonuses and pay raises'

Franco Terrazzano joined the show to discuss the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation with guest host Sheila Gunn Reid.

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"Well, government bureaucrats and health bureaucrats were sending you home to languish in unemployment," said Sheila. "They were giving themselves huge bonuses. And this didn't just happen in one bureaucracy, it really happened across the whole of government. And that's been evidenced in order paper responses across the board."

"Now, it also happened in several government agencies, not just in ministries. For example, new release from the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation today notes that the CMHC sunshine list and bonuses ballooned during the housing affordability crisis."

Franco Terrazzano commented:

Yeah, well, look, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, another crown corporation that is rewarding itself for failure with bonuses and pay raises. Get this, folks, the CMHC, according to its own website, has one objective: Housing Affordable for all.

Well, guess what? Over the last three years, either you couldn't afford a home, or if you do have a home now, you're worried about your mortgage payments going through the roof.

Now, if that's the objective for the CMHC, in what world does it make sense for them to be handing themselves $93 million in bonuses and pay raises when Canadians can't afford a home or during a pandemic, when the taxpayers were losing their jobs, taking pay cuts, when many small businesses were using the credit card to take out a line of credit just to keep their lights on.

Sheila said to Terrazzano that the sunshine list can be looked at from different viewpoints, and that employees making over $100,000 a year, they have 931 of those staffers in 2022.

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