Freedom Convoy Lawyer reacts to Emergency Commission ruling clearing Trudeau: 'Dark day for Canada'

'I think a great number of Canadians are going to be deeply disturbed when they reflect on this decision today, and Justice Grillo greenlighting the broad use of this power in the future.'

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Tamara Lich's lawyer, Keith Wilson, joins a special episode of the Round Up daily broadcast, hosted today by Drea Humphrey. He gives his honest thoughts on Public Order Emergency Commissioner, Justice Rouleau's final report that says Justin Trudeau was justified in his invocation of the never before used Emergencies Act.

"This is a dark day for Canada. And the reason it's a dark day for Canada, is anybody who was observing the events in Ottawa during the protests know that there is no way any thinking person can say that they came to the same scale of national emergency, that World War One, World War two, and the FLQ crisis from the 1970s did, where there was bombings, kidnaping of diplomats and murders."

He went on to explain how this sets a bad precedent for the Canadian government.

"So what's happened here is Justice Grillo has affirmed and blessed and given the green light to future governments to use this, the UN's unrestrained power, to override Canadians rights and freedoms to seize their property without warrant or process, to freeze their business bank accounts, to freeze their personal bank accounts. So this decision has huge implications because it says that if this government or a future government does not like some Canadians views, does not like what some Canadians are saying, bad about the government, that it's okay, you can just go ahead and use the Emergencies Act."

Watch the evidence yourself:

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