From Donald Trump to Derek Sloan: Why political adviser Roger Stone has joined with the Ontario Party

Rebel News speaks with Roger Stone and Ontario Party leader Derek Sloan about how Stone came to be the party's senior strategic adviser and what that means Ontarians can expect from the party's campaign.

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Four years have nearly come and gone, which means Ontario’s 43rd general election is just around the corner. It also means that provincial parties have began to form campaign strategies in hopes that the candidates they run will secure as many of the available seats possible, and the Ontario Party has locked arms with American political legend and self-proclaimed “agent provocateur” Roger Stone to do so.

In a recent report we interviewed Stone, the long-time top political adviser to former presidents such as Donald Trump, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan about what his life has been like since being convicted on seven felony counts related to the the Trump-Russia investigation, and then being pardoned by Trump himself.

In today’s report, we share another interview with Stone, this time alongside leader of the Ontario Party, Derek Sloan.

We discuss how Stone came to be the party's senior strategic adviser and what that means Ontarians can expect from the party's campaign. “I think our message will be clear, it will be bold,” said Stone when we asked him what we should be anticipating. Stone added that “the Ontario Party is not a vanity vehicle for someone,” it's “about a movement.”

Under Sloan’s leadership, and now Stones' advice, the Ontario Party’s platform promises will include funding students K-12 directly so that parents can afford more education options, banning schools and teachers from promoting critical race theory and gender identity theories, as well “stopping Doug Ford’s Digital ID system,” something the party has started a petition against.

Like Stone, Derek Sloan is no stranger to controversy.

The former member of Parliament for the federal Conservatives was booted out of that caucus after being one of the only federal politicians to question COVID-19 related government overreach and policies. 

At the time, Sloan was shining a light on adverse reactions to experimental COVID-19 injections and the censorship of doctors in Canada who tried to do the same.

During the interview, Mr. Stone referred to Sloan as a “man who puts his principles ahead of politics” and that if Sloan had “wanted to go along to get along, he’d still be in the national Parliament part of the Conservative Party” which is “in no way conservative.”

We also asked Sloan, who has an unapologetic history of standing up for the medical freedoms and civil liberties of Canadians, what his response is to some Canadians who may view the movement of the Ontario Party as splitting Ontario’s freedom vote between parties such his and the New Blue Party of Ontario.

“We have been open, we are open, and that openness has been denied” said Sloan.

The Ontario Party leader discussed the attempts his party has made to reach out to the New Blue Party, including strategizing on which ridings not to run candidates against each other. Sloan also mentioned what he called a “series of defamatory suggestions” made against him, and attacks on other freedom-focused politicians, including MPP Randy Hiller and MPP Rick Nicholls, by the New Blue Party.

“We’re not interested in flinging mud on other conservatives” Sloan said while shifting his response away from the New Blue Party directly, adding that while it is “bad to speak ill of another conservative” it is “extra bad to spread lies and misinformation about another conservative.”

We reached out to the New Blue Party of Ontario for a statement regarding references that were made about them in this interview.

In addition to them requesting the opportunity to respond in an upcoming interview with Rebel News, we received this written response:

The Sloan-Nicholls Conspiracy has yet to refute a single point we have made of our factual statements regarding their operation as controlled opposition for the PCs — as outlined at Instead, they rely on pushing fake news — statements that we have never said.

What we have said is the truth — the Sloan-Nicholls Conspiracy is backed by PC operatives & PC apologists, and their history as hypocrites includes enabling the PC establishment in their nefarious and anti-democratic actions, exploiting conservative voters, and voting in favour of, and embracing left-wing legislation including Doug Ford’s lockdown bill — Bill 195, critical race theory in Bill 67, and pro-abortion bill — Bill 163 — that creates a “bubble zone” banning pro-life witness and free speech on public property.

The Sloan-Nicholls Conspiracy was thrown together at the last minute to try to help the PCs by getting the New Blue not to run a full slate of candidates — that is why they have only a few candidates and no party members while the New Blue is the first Ontario provincial party to register 124 candidates for the June 2 election, and we have riding associations, thousands of members and donors, and a comprehensive platform — the New Blueprint.

The New Blue does what we say we will do including fighting to Axe the Carbon Tax, fighting against internal party voter fraud and tabling legislation to ban it, Belinda being the only MPP to vote against Bill 67, and Bill 195, and fighting to prevent a “bubble zone” being placed in Kitchener. We are committed to Ontario provincial politics, and we will continue to challenge the left, balance the narrative, and change the course, as we have done since for over 7 years.

Voting for Ontario’s next provincial election will take place on June 2, and Rebel News will keep bringing you reports you can trust on the race at

You can also head to to catch up on the latest with the federal Conservative leadership race and donate what you can to help us cover our expenses to bring you such reports.

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