Gabrielle Bauer: 'A pandemic is a human problem, it’s not just a scientific problem to solve'

The Gunn Show was joined by medical writer and author Gabrielle Bauer who discussed her new book, 'Blindsight is 2020: Reflections on Covid Policies from Dissident Scientists, Philosophers, Artists, and More.'

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Long-time medical journalist Gabrielle Bauer joined The Gunn Show to discuss her new book, "Blindsight is 2020: Reflections on Covid Policies from Dissident Scientists, Philosophers, Artists, and More."

Bauer spoke about her past, saying she has an academic background in biochemistry, and ended up as a medical writer and health journalist. She also writes for both doctors like health professionals, doctors, pharmacists, nurses and for the general public. "I've been doing it for 29 years. I work with doctors every day. I work with pharma companies as well."

"I'm part of the medical establishment and as well, I'm 66 years old now, 63 when the pandemic started. So, yes, you would not think that my profile matches someone who would have such deep, deep objections to what went on. You know, as I joke, I'm not I'm not a grandma, but I'm old enough to be one," Bauer added.

Bauer continued to say that she "had a visceral recoil against the whole thing in the start."

Sheila dove deeper into the conversation, asking "what was it for you that that really was the scales falling off your eyes?"

Bauer answered:

Well, to be honest, the moment literally from day one. I pretended to be on board for the first six weeks because everybody in my circle was and it took me a few weeks to really find my sea legs and, you know, start venturing online at first and then talking to other people and finding my tribe.

But I remember thinking literally when the lockdowns were announced for the first time, I thought, Why are we only listening to scientists here? A pandemic is a human problem. It's not just a scientific problem to solve. You know, we have to sort of shepherd the human family through all this. Why are we not listening to mental health experts?

Why are we not listening to economists and philosophers and historians and bioethicists? You know, this is not just a problem of trying to control a virus, it's so much more.

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