Garbage Ship UPDATE: Containers arrived back in Canada with termites, only 28 of 69 were fully cleaned to federal safety standards


You remember the Garbage Ship, right? Catherine McKenna and the Liberals welcomed back 69 containers of Canadian garbage earlier this year after it spent 6 years in the Philippines. 

In June, we found out that the government would refuse to hand over Access to Information documents on the containers until after the federal election. And now, we have those documents. Over 300 pages!

There's so much to go through that we're splitting this into two videos. In today's video, I'll go over the CFIA and CBSA protocols that were broken in the process of bringing these containers back to Canada to be incinerated.

You can take a look at the documents attached below to find that the containers were not fully cleaned or fumigated before arriving back on our shores, which is against federal regulations, putting us as risk of pathogens, pests and viruses. All to save even more international embarrassment.

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