Gay Pride and “western outreach”: Trudeau Liberals took hundreds of flights on taxpayers’ dime — just months BEFORE election was called

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Months before the federal election was announced, the Liberals were travelling for hundreds of conveniently timed “announcements” and “meetings,” and we finally have some details about how much of your money was spent on this thinly disguised campaign scheme.

Other ministries, like Global Affairs and Environment and Climate Change, would or could not answer based on the high volume of pre-writ travel.

The new information comes by way of an order paper question asked by Alberta Conservative MP Kelly McCauley, compelling the Liberals to break down by ministry the number of flights, and travel spending in the three months leading up to the kickoff to the election campaign last fall.

The Privy council office — Justin Trudeau’s office — logged 123 flights in the 90 days before the election. This including eight flights to Toronto and Quebec City, to “attend a Canadian-Muslim vote event, participation in the Toronto Pride Parade, and to QC for Fete Nationale.”

There are also ten flights to Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver to “meet with workers and their families,” and another 16 flights to Vancouver to meet with the Coast Guard.

The cost for Trudeau’s flights was nearly $100,000, plus another $44,000 in car rentals, $140,000 in hotels, and $56,000 in meals.

Agriculture Canada had 40 flights in less than three months, including 21 described as simply “western outreach.” Finance had another 60 flights with many flights listed as “meetings,” with no details about who is being met with and why.

Defeated Liberal MP Ralph Goodale had nearly 50 flights at Public Safety including the same vague “meetings” excuse that Finance used.

Maryam Monsef at the Ministry of Women and Gender Equality did her best to keep up with her high-flying male colleagues by logging 50 flights in three months, including 13 flights to Vancouver for “capacity building.”

Many of the departments didn’t provide the requested number of flights.

Environment and Climate Change Canada refused to provide the info, replying there was not enough time to do answer within the 30-day time frame required by parliamentary procedures. Global Affairs Canada gave a similar response.

Hundreds of flights in that three-month period leading up to the election. I guess there is no such thing as a climate emergency if it means Liberals can’t use tax dollars to campaign.

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