General Motors takes a page from Trudeau's playbook, kicks us out of event (that they invited us to!)

Despite inviting us to cover an event, someone on Team Trudeau must have tipped off General Motors that Rebel News is not welcome at the prime minister's events — heaven forbid we ask tough questions!

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On Sunday evening, we were delighted to receive a personal invitation from General Motors to attend its whiz-bang press conference at its Ingersoll, Ont., plant.

The presser would be featuring none other than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and cabinet minister Vic Fedeli. The presser was regarding how the plant was being retooled to produce electric powered commercial vans. 

So it was that Lincoln Jay and I travelled about two hours to the Ingersoll plant. But when we got there, we were told we had been “dis-invited.” But why? By whom? No answers were given. 

What’s more, we were told to leave the parking lot immediately or GM would have law enforcement charge us with trespassing!

When we showed the security guards our printed-out invitations, they could care less. 

We reached out to Erin Strulovitch she/her for answers.

Ms. Strulovitch she/her is the senior manager, product communications, for Buick, GMC and connected products and services. She’s also the one who invited us in the first place. But she simply went into Sgt. Schulz mode (“I know nothing; I saw nothing!”)

How sad.

We would have loved to have covered that press conference. But Rebel reporters are looked upon as skunks to the garden party.

Our sin? Well, we ask tough questions, impolite questions… And that will not be tolerated by Justin Trudeau. And obviously Trudeau’s camp complained to GM to get us off the list.

And when it comes to GM choosing between honouring an invitation or kowtowing to PM Blackface McGroper, well, it’s a no-brainer for the General.

After all, should GM go bankrupt and require yet ANOTHER taxpayer bailout, you really don’t want to make an enemy out of your Ottawa-based Sugar Daddy, do you?

And how’s this for a sidebar story to the fiasco: about 150 construction workers and 50 programmers were told to stay home that day, missing out on eight hours of work plus two hours’ worth of overtime.

Why? Well, apparently Team Trudeau was petrified some of them might give the PM the bird or unfurl one of those infamous “F Trudeau” flags, and Justin is simply too sensitive to be confronted with that blowback these days. Incredible. 

Do you think Trudeau and Ford arrived in an electric-powered motorcade? Nope. Full-size fossil fuel burning SUVs. Once again: do as I say, not as I do. 

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  • By Lincoln Jay

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