'What Would Christine Anderson Do'? German MEP Christine Anderson stops in Calgary for her tour!

Member of European Parliament who called Trudeau a 'disgrace to democracy' tours Canada.

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Do any of you remember when a German member of parliament called Trudeau out in front of the entire European Union? She shamed him for persecuting and criminalizing his own citizens, calling him a disgrace to democracy followed by asking him to spare his presence in the European Union.

That person was Christine Anderson!

Her speech sparked a wave of influence in admiration of her courage and bravery. She has decided to come on a speaking tour in Canada to continue to raise up Canadians and inspire them to keep up their fight against the corrupt establishment.

Anderson's tour is titled, “What Would Christine Anderson Do”?

At her first stop in Calgary, a large crowd gathered, filling up the entire venue. With the overflow of people, it is very evident Christine has had a meaningful impact on Canadians.

One woman told Anderson that her speech at the EU made her feel proud to be Canadian again as she was ashamed for the longest time.

A number of folks approached her with tears in their eyes. They expressed gratitude as someone has called an SOS for them outside of the country. Anderson remained humble and cheered on the people for all of their efforts during the protests throughout the year and especially during the trucker convoys.

In this report, the attendees share their thoughts and Christine Anderson answers a few questions.

Rebel News is outcasted from Trudeau’s government funding as we exercise free speech and share the other side of the story, which the establishment makes an effort to hide. 

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